Cloud Download Engine

Our cloud download engine gives you a new level of control. Take downloading to a whole new level.

Whenever you want to download a file, the question arises - "What do I want to do with it?"

Do I view it quickly Do I want to save a copy? Where do I save it?

All these questions are the result of a broken system.

A coworker sent you a document? You want to download some royalty free music for your next project? Or do you just want to transfer some files from your phone to your laptop?

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Seedr works on any device, from your phone to your laptop, without even requiring any software installation.

Choose the link you want to grab, and watch it appear in your personal storage - and even transfer it to your Google Drive.

Everything we do, we do on our servers. That means that you can even turn off your computer while files transfer. Never have a bad internet connection fail you again.


Our cloud download engine does not depend on your internet connection, making it more reliable and much faster.

Need to view the file after you download it? Just click it once and watch it open smoothly in our integrated viewers.

Music, video or even Ebooks. Our system seamlessly handles displaying your files.


Use our elegant transfer view to control and keep track of your running transfers, whether between cloud storages, files sent to you or even grabbing videos from different websites.

We give you fine-tuned control of tasks running, and you can grab any files you download from your personal storage - to any of your devices - at any time.

Contextual Downloader

Our URL scanner and browser extension intelligently detect the pages you use, and can enable you to grab assets in more intuitive ways.

Visiting an image marketplace? Download copies of the images in different quality levels.

Visiting Wikipedia? Grab a copy of the page in PDF or TXT format.

Got a Google Drive link? Let us grab it for you directly to your storage.

Repora was designed to meet your needs. It just works.

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